Our cutting edge library and information management solutions provide a truly dynamic environment. We support libraries and research fields with automation solutions including ERMs (VDiscovery), ILS (Koha) and IRs.


VDiscovery is an integrated library portal integrated with cutting-edge library technologies and many key features and functionalities for the management of electronic library resources.

Integrated with world-leading discovery platform Summon (Web Scale Discovery) from ProQuest Workflow and superb remote access mechanism OpenAthens from EduServ.

VDiscovery is built to fill the needs of libraries and researchers alike within academic and research institutions. Providing key functionalities to enhance the operations of e-collections management, remote access, discovery, title listings, subject classifications, personalization, and many more!

Truly VD is the most suitable framework for university portal development due to its flexibility and options to integrate the total resources of all available publishers.

About VDiscovery

Intergrated Library System - Koha

Koha open-source was first developed in New Zealand, and is now used in 5000+ libraries around the world. By supporting open interoperability with other systems, Koha becomes both the discovery layer and the platform.

Koha is a purpose-built, web-based library management system. A web browser is all that is required for members to access and staff to administer Koha. Through regular feature releases libraries can contribute to Koha and benefit from the contributions made by others around the world.

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Institutional Repositories

Institutional Repository (IR) is an online archive of an institution's scholarly papers, deposited by their authors. Institutional Repositories may include a variety of research output of an organization such as datasets, administrative documents, course notes, learning objects, or conference proceedings. IR allows users to upload a variety of file formats including PDFs, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Video and audio, image and many more. An index allows files to be described and later searched and explored by institution members and/or members of the public.

Hydra is an ecosystem of components that lets institutions build and deploy robust and durable digital repositories (the body) supporting multiple “heads”: fully-featured digital asset management applications and tailored workflows. Its principal platforms are the Fedora Commons repository software, Solr Index, Ruby on Rails and Blacklight.

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