Gain insight from your content by integrating business applications with Laserfiche

Set up integrations in minutes

  • Use Laserfiche Connector, a wizard-driven tool, to integrate line-of-business applications with Laserfiche without programming.
  • Access and search documents, launch scanning, populate document metadata and perform other routine tasks directly within third-party systems.
  • Integrate easily through user-defined hotkeys and embedded icons.
  • Create searching and scanning profiles that end users can individually customize.
  • Retrieve information from any integrated application or send it into Laserfiche with a single click.

Connect seamlessly to Microsoft Office applications

  • Save Word documents, e-mails and PowerPoint slides into Laserfiche directly from Microsoft Office applications.
  • E-mail documents directly from the repository.
  • Import e-mails and attachments into Laserfiche with a single click.
  • Open Office documents in Laserfiche directly in their native applications, and add or change Laserfiche metadata without leaving that program.

Create sophisticated custom solutions

  • Create custom applications and integrations with the Laserfiche Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), a highly flexible and open programming interface.
  • Build a tightly integrated information infrastructure with pre-built merge modules for rapid integration, COM, .NET, and Java libraries in 32-bit and 64-bit, and a batch importing engine.
  • Automate Laserfiche-related tasks such as indexing and retrieving documents, populating template fields and automatically generating emails.
  • Leverage an extensive library of C# and VB.NET sample code to help tailor functionality to your specific business needs.

Access hundreds of pre-built integrations from the Integrations Marketplace